Frequently Asked Questions


How many different shades of indigo (blue) are JakeEJeans available in?

JakeEJeans are known as The Dress-Up, Dress-Down Luxury Jean and thus they are only available in one shade or dark indigo. Perhaps in the future they will come in other colors like khaki and Chocolate brown.

Will JakeEJeans fade or shrink at all?

JakeEJeans proprietary fabric known as Doeskin Denim will not shrink very much.  Also Doeskin Denim has a special resin based coating which prevents them from fading at the rate of normal jeans.  Doeskin Denim stays much darker, longer. 

Are JakeEJeans machine washable?

JakeEJeans are made from Doeskin Flex Denim which is designed to be machine washed.  Because of the unique characteristics of Doeskin Denim, JakeEJeans are 2.5 times stronger than conventional denim.  JakeEJeans can be Dry Cleaned if you want to keep them dark and new (read dressy) looking.  If you prefer to have your jeans develop a more broken in look you can machine wash them (turn jeans inside-out to protect chrome buttons) in warm water and tumble dry them.  This will also make them softer over time

Is Jake Ehrlich related to the famous San Francisco Trial/ Defense lawyer Jake Ehrlich Sr?

Yes.  Jake is the namesake grandson of Jake Ehrlich Sr.  To learn more about Jake Ehrlich Sr. click here.

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