(Press Release) Tommy Hilfiger meets with Jake Ehrlich in New York on August 20, 2001

  (Press Release) President of Polo / Ralph Lauren, Roger Farrah meets with Jake Ehrlich on August 19, 2001

  (Design Philosophy) Design Is The Supreme Art by Jake Ehrlich Feb 4, 2001  Read about Jake Ehrlich's design philosophy and influences.


  (Press Release) JakeEJeans develops strategic partnership with Dupont.   December 7, 2000.


(Press Release) Jake Ehrlich announces development of revolutionary new denim for the 21st Century.  December 12, 1999.


(Press Release) JakeEJeans web page comes online.  April  29, 2000.

  (Press Release) JakeEJeans announces strategic partnership with Italian button maker Cobra


  (Press Release) JakeEJeans announces successful development of Strategic Marketing Plan co-developed with Reis and Reis.  December 5, 1997

  (Press Release) Jake Ehrlich Hires world renowned Strategic Marketing Expert Al Ries to assist in the development of the JakeEJeans Strategic Marketing Plan. October 22, 1997 

  (Press Release) San Francisco Designer, Jake Ehrlich announces development of new brand named JakeEJeans.  August 18, 1997.