The Story

It all began when San Francisco designer Jake Ehrlich could not find a comfortable pair of jeans anywhere.  So he set out on a four year odyssey to create super comfortable jeans for women and men.

Made in San Francisco

JAKEeJEANS is the only brand exclusively made in San Francisco.  Our state-of-the-art factory makes the most precise, high-quality jeans for your comfort.  All JAKEeJEANS have the Art Deco wonder, trademark Golden Gate Bridge Tower stitching on the rear patch pockets.


Fly, Fly Buttons

Designer, Jake Ehrlich has a deep respect for traditional concepts of design, but at the same time is a bit of a modernist.  He has always had a fond appreciation for "Art Deco" from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.  He also has likes "Populux" era design elements.  Populux is a term used to describe 1950s and early 60s design influenced by Art Deco.

The waistband button and four fly buttons are modeled after a  1957 Ford Thunderbird hubcap.  The polished Chrome buttons are hand painted, jewelry grade, and custom made in Italy.   The four fly buttons are domed and chromed to make them easier to button and spell out JAKE.

Soft, Slimming and Stylish

JAKEeJEANS are soft, sliming and stylish. They are only available in dark indigo because designer Jake Ehrlich believes that everybody looks better in dark denim.  Dark denim is dressier, more authentic, and it makes everybody look trimmer.

The Luxury Jean

JAKEeJEANS are really, really, really comfortable!!! They will completely change your perception of jeans.  The quest for the elusive perfect fitting pair of jeans has come to an end with the introduction of JAKEeJEANS!

Jake Ehrlich began working on the development of the JAKEeJEANS brand in 1997.  His goal was to make the most comfortable, luxurious, durable jeans, with the best fit, style and finish.  Jake Says, “If all denim brands that exist today are black and white TV sets, JAKEeJEANS are the High-Definition color plasma flat screen TV of jeans!”

From the Place Where Jeans Were Born

JAKEeJEANS is a San Francisco based brand.  Everybody knows Levi Strauss invented jeans in San Francisco during the gold rush of 1849.  Levi originally came to San Francisco to sell tents to gold miners made from sturdy canvas he brought over from Europe.

The miners told him they did not need tents but they really needed durable work pants because their pants kept wearing out quickly.  Levi got the idea to use his tent canvas to make sturdy work pants, and the rest is history.

The challenge with making jeans out of canvas is that they may be sturdy but not comfortable.

What to do?

In the 1950s and 60s when people got a new pair of shrink-to-fit jeans they would do all kinds of strange things to make them comfortable.  Some people would sit in a bathtub for hours in the hottest water they could stand to help shrink and break in new jeans.  Kids gave up in the 1950s and it became a trend to wear their new jeans without ever washing them—until the jeans could stand up on their own in a corner of a room—go figure!?!?

In the late sixties and seventies people coveted their really old jeans that were completely faded, because when the jeans were about to fall apart from wear they were at their most comfortable stage.

In the early eighties Bloomingdale’s started selling jeans that were bleached.  Not so long after, companies started stonewashing their jeans to make them more comfortable.  Denim brands experimented with all kinds of different methods for abrading denim in hopes of trying to make it more comfortable.

Some would use pumice stones, some used enzymes, some sand-blasted, and some even tried washing them in acid.  None of these approaches addressed the real challenge—the poor quality cottons being used in the denim.

California Combed Cotton

JAKEeJEANS circumvents this challenge by exclusively using Ring-Spun California Combed Cotton which is the highest quality cotton on earth for making denim.  California Combed Cotton is naturally long staple cotton with unusually high tensile strength and superior softness.

Another reason why jeans are uncomfortable is the fact that when denim is woven from cotton yarns, the weavers have to bathe the yarn in starch (a.k.a. sizing) so that it can make it through the loom when it is woven.

Without starch you could not get the shuttle through the loom.  It would be like trying to use a wet noodle as a ruler to draw a straight line.  After most jeans are made, they retain most of the starch that was put in the thread before weaving.  It takes at least 59 home washings for a pair of jeans to lose the majority of the starch (53%+).

In order to be certified as authentic Doeskin Denim, JAKEeJEANS go through several proprietary processes (read: Trade Secrets) before they leave the factory, which eliminate 99%+ of the starch.  All that is left is incredibly soft denim that is dark and will last up to five times longer than normal jeans!

Visualize a pair of very old jeans at their most comfortable stage when the cotton is starting to disintegrate.  Imagine the jeans have holes in them and are falling apart.  At this late stage people are hesitant to throw out their jeans because they believe the jeans have customized to fit them and are at their ideal level of comfort.

Comfort is Never an Extravagance

When you try JAKEeJEANS on for the first time they are already as soft as the very old pair just mentioned that have reached the end of their lifespan.  Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about JAKEeJEANS shrinking.  The way they fit when you try them on is the way they will fit wash after wash.

JAKEeJEANS instantly customize to fit your body and only get more comfortable as time goes by!  If you invest in a pair JAKEeJEANS made from Doeskin Denim, they will fade at a much slower rate than normal denim.  Doeskin Denim goes through an additional proprietary process when it is treated with a special resin based coating that radically slows down the fading process.  The result is that JAKEeJEANS stay very dark for a long period of time.

The Lap of Luxury

As a result of relentless research, the JAKEe design team determined that a major contributor to jeans being uncomfortableparticularly in the groinwas that the seam construction in most jeans was achieved by using a flat felled seam.

In order to eliminate the discomfort and inflexibility, a five thread over-lock-stitch was implemented.  Without going into unnecessary detail, it is safe to say that JAKEeJEANS have been optimized in every possible way for comfort and luxury.

Some people say their JAKEeJEANS are more comfortable than wearing pajamas or even being naked!  If you are a guy and you sit down, JAKEeJEANS will never hurt you.

Doeskin Denim

In order to achieve his vision, Jake spent over two years developing Doeskin Denim. Doeskin Denim is the most revolutionary development in the history of denim.  It is made from 98.77% California Combed Cotton and 1.23% Xe-Flex Elastane.

Xe-Flex Elastane

Xe-Flex Elastane is a specially developed component of Doeskin Denim that allows the denim to flex with perfect memory.  In other words, when you sit down, your body contorts (changes shape) and as a result Doeskin Denim adjusts perfectly like an extra layer of skin.

When you rise, Doeskin Denim has perfect memory and bounces back to its original shape.  Xe-Flex maintains a virtual comfort zone so that you always remain very comfortable.

Every body looks better in the dark

Every body looks better in Dark Doeskin Denim.  Currently, Doeskin Denim only comes in a dark shade of indigo.  This is by design.  When you first encounter a pair of JAKEeJEANS the denim has a raw dark look.  Just by looking at them you would think they feel like cardboard.  But when you feel them they are amazing!  They feel as soft as cashmere!  As a matter of fact, the slogan for Doeskin Denim is, Soft as Cashmere—Strong as Steel!

Dress Up-Dress Down

JAKEeJEANS are an extremely versatile addition to your wardrobe.  They are known as the Dress Up-Dress Down Jeans.  Doeskin Denim is designed to stay really dark for a long time and look great with everything.


© Copyright by Jake Ehrlich. 1994, 2001. All rights reserved.